“Speed, less red tape, regulatory certainty. And a new approach to residential property”

Luigi Aiello at MilanoCapitali 2021

“The new challenges in the real estate sector will be on a number of fronts: speed, accompanied by less red tape; regulatory certainty; and a broad approach to residential property, considering the various asset classes and focusing on the needs of the new generations who are changing the models that applied to date. It's an enormous challenge, and we're way behind in Italy.” Prelios Group General Manager Corporate & Business Development Luigi Aiello was on the panel of the opening day of MilanoCapitali 2021: “Real Estate, more capital for new building projects”. “Milan’s residential offer is not very competitive and lags behind other European capitals, and the environmental situation is a disaster compared to other major cities. On this particular aspect, action also needs to be taken with the Recovery Fund, because although there is a high level of liquidity among private investors to build green buildings, the question of pollution has to be dealt with through wide-ranging government intervention,” Aiello continued. “Everyone has to play their part in this challenge and the Prelios Group is focused on concrete application of the ESG principles: one example is MilanoSesto, which for us is not just the largest remediation project in Europe, but also an upgrade operation intended to overcome inequalities by developing innovative asset classes – student halls, senior housing, healthcare facilities – to meet social demand.”

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