Riccardo Serrini at the presentation of the Real Estate market report 2017 signed by Scenari Immobiliari

On 13 December, Scenari Immobiliari, an independent study and research institute, presented the 2017 Report on Lombardy’s property market in Milan. Riccardo Serrini, General Manager of the Prelios Group, spoke during the presentation attended by representatives from sector institutions and professionals, providing an in-depth look into non-performing loans within Lombardy’s property market. The north-western region’s market appears to be recovering compared to previous years. “Lombardy accounts for approximately 22% of non-performing loans” said Serrini. “Secured loans are however below the Italian average, just like the NPE ratio, which is the ratio of non-performing exposures to the total amount of loans granted”. Prelios’ General Manager stressed that nationally, NPLs are above all a corporate issue: “81% of NPL stock is linked to companies, and it is also a problem related to real estate because approximately 50% of loans are secured with a collateral, namely an underlying, that is property-based”.