Quotidiano Immobiliare Airports and Real Estate Workshop: Alessandro Natoli (Prelios Integra) one of the speakers

The evolution of the airport concept and its significance for the services world: this was the issue examined during the third panel of the Workshop on Airports and Real Estate organized by Quotidiano Immobiliare. One of the speakers was Alessandro Natoli, Business Development & Head of Due Diligence and Urban Planning at Prelios Integra, who analyzed the question in relation to advisory services.

“A change is taking place in airport assets as a whole: the airport is no longer regarded simply as an infrastructure, its value in terms of real estate is growing in importance,” said Natoli. “The demand for services where Prelios can be of assistance to airport managers responds in primis to advanced management of existing assets and development of new real estate assets. Prelios’ expertise lies in providing technical services and helping managers draw up investment plans compatible with the residual term of the airport concession.”