Press Release Prelios Sgr - Tecla Fondo Uffici - Prelios Sgr Initiates Tender Procedure for the En-Bloc Sale of the Fund’s Residual Real Estate Portfolio

Milan. 06 July 2016 - Regarding “Tecla - Fondo Uffici” (the “Fund”), the Board of Directors of Prelios SGR, which met today (in view of the duration of the Fund coming to an end, as extended, on 31 December 2017), decided to initiate a tender procedure for the en-bloc sale of the Fund’s residual portfolio, net of the properties that are subject to preliminary sales agreements, and named Cushman & Wakefield as advisor.

In order to outline a highly visible structured procedure and applying industry best practices, a marketing and communications campaign was prepared to support the procedure with the aim of providing adequate visibility, both on a national and international level, to the tender procedure.

All information and the phases of the disposal process will be provided on the website