Prelios Valuations: G. Corsini, Premium is the first in a series of new projects

Identification of possible future losses on real-estate-backed loans, in compliance with the new IFRS 9 financial reporting standard, ECB regulations and the Bank of Italy’s Circular 285. This is the purpose of PREMIUM, the brand new property risk analysis platform for institutional lenders and their Credit Risk Officers, presented by Prelios Valuations.

“Premium is the first in a series of projects we shall be presenting to the market over the coming months,” said Giampaolo Corsini, CEO of Prelios Valuations. “The experience and all-round operational expertise we offer to support the market and real estate collateral, together with our strategic focus on innovation, give us an absolute front-line positioning to guide the current changes in the services sector.”

The new tool was presented on May 24, 2018, at the event Will Real Estate Big Data Help Mitigate Risks? organized in Milan by Deloitte at its Greenhouse. Giampaolo Corsini added: “Thanks to more than thirty years of experience as a provider of services addressing every area of the property market, and our data warehouse storage, Prelios today offers a unique legacy in terms of knowledge and of the breadth and heterogeneity of the information at our disposal.”

See Giampaolo Corsini's interview here (in Italian)