Prelios Valuations & e-Services: Luke Jonathan Brucato The New Head of Business Development

Milan, 10 October 2016 - Prelios Valuations & e-Services has nominated Luke Jonathan Brucato as the new Head of Business Development.
Giampaolo Corsini, CEO of Prelios Valuations & e-Services, commented: “The entry of Brucato is seen by the Company as key to consolidating the growth recorded over the last few years and to ensuring continued development thanks to improved market position, including through promotion, with respect to our most important customers, of products that comply with the latest national and European regulations”.
Luke Brucato, a graduate of Middle Tennessee University, was the Marketing & Business Development Manager of Crif S.p.A. until the beginning of 2016 where, among other things, he developed and launched several service models and coordinated relations with the industry associations and national and foreign institutions.