Prelios SGR: The ASCI real estate investment fund at the “Fai la cosa giusta Umbria” fair

The ASCI real estate investment fund (Abitare Sostenibile Centro Italia, sustainable living central Italy) managed by Prelios SGR and promoted jointly with CDP-investimenti SGR, Fondazione Housing Sociale and the Consorzio ABN social network, will be at the “Fai la cosa giusta Umbria” fair in Bastia Umbra from October 12-14, an event promoting critical consumption and sustainable life styles.

The “Abitare Gentile” social housing project in the town of Foligno sets out to create a more open and collaborative community, fostering relations with the territory and promoting a sustainable, attentive lifestyle. The object is to guarantee comfortable housing and social integration in the interests of community cohesion, socialization and reciprocity.

The project is located in the town center, in a lively, dynamic district packed with services and businesses; it will see the conversion of Foligno’s former hospital into a complex of 7,000 sq.m offering social housing and shops located at the foot of the building with easy access for local residents.