Prelios: opening SeiMilano Park

Exactly a year after the first trees were planted, an official preview visit was organized to the SeiMilano Park, an urban redevelopment project by Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners, which is transforming a 330,000 sq.m area between Via Calchi Taeggi and Via Bisceglie in Milan.

For the SeiMilano project, Prelios SGR set up and is managing the Ariadne SICAF investment platform held by Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners.

The visitors included the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, the City Councilor for Urban Regeneration, Giancarlo Tancredi, the Deputy Chair of the Municipio 6 local council, Francesca Gisotti, architect and landscaper Michel Desvigne, Edoardo De Albertis, CEO of Borio Mangiarotti S.p.A. and Riccardo Serrini, CEO of  Prelios Group.

During the visit the City Council confirmed its intention of naming the park in memory of engineer Claudio De Albertis. “This is the first step in the redevelopment of an area that will house many strategic public functions, gardens, services for families and for residents in general,” said Mayor Giuseppe Sala. “Milan needs projects of the kind planned for the new SeiMilano Park to become more sustainable and livable, in every district.”

Designed by MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects, the SeiMilano project is transforming south-west Milan into a new mixed-use district with 1,200 homes, including subsidized housing, 30,000 sq.m of office premises and 10,000 sq.m of commercial space. Borio Mangiarotti CEO Edoardo De Albertis commented: “We were determined to organize an event to offer a preview of the new SeiMilano Park for people who will be coming to it on a daily basis and for city residents, to give them a day in a sustainable and inclusive space that will become a new meeting point.”

Designed to support the full integration of the local community through the promotion of open-air activities, the park is being presented today to the first residents coming to live in the district along the newly created Via Bianca Ceva. “Our thanks to the investors, it is an honor to work with Borio Mangiarotti,” said Prelios Group CEO Riccardo Serrini. “We are delighted to take part in the official opening of such a large and important new park, another example of ‘green giveback’ to the city after the 8 Marzo Park in Porta Vittoria. If you put the 160,000 square meters of the SeiMilano Park together with the 28,000 of the Porta Vittoria Park, Milan's residents have been given new green spaces for the equivalent of 27 football pitches.”

On Saturday October 28 the Park will be open to local and city residents, with an exciting program of events and activities for all ages. The opening, called CiSeiMilano?, is sponsored by the Municipio 6 local council. Click here for the full program: