Prelios: the new "March 8 Park" has opened at Porta Vittoria

A promise kept and a “green gift” for the city of Milan. A new park has opened in Milan, the ‘March 8 Park’, in the landscaped area that extends eastward from the old Formentano Park in Largo Marinai d’Italia to beyond Viale Mugello and includes the site where the New European Information and Culture Library (BEIC) is planned.

The opening was attended by the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, architect, landscaper and agronomist Laura Gatti, Riccardo Serrini, CEO of the Prelios Group, which, with Prelios Sgr, is the project manager on behalf of the Niche Fund, and actress Elisabetta Vergani, who read two texts by poet Antonia Pozzi. Also present were city councilors Elena Grandi (Landscaping), Tommaso Sacchi (Culture), Giancarlo Tancredi (Urban Regeneration) and Elena Lattuada, city representative for Equal Gender Opportunities.

During the ceremony, the plaque naming the new park, which is dedicated to all women, was unveiled. “An area that was a city eyesore for many years has finally been restored to Milan, enhanced with an important green space, a park, to be joined by another new urban project, the European Information and Culture Library,” said the Mayor, Giuseppe Sala. “Despite the current difficulties, the re-generation, re-integration and embellishment projects will continue, for a lively, dynamic city that offers its residents an ever better quality of life.

” Prelios Group CEO Riccardo Serrini commented: “We are proud to have honored our commitments with the city and residents of Milan and to have removed an eyesore that had blighted the urban fabric for years. The Prelios Group is working on a range of projects of this type – many but not all of them in Milan – and we are always delighted when we can help resolve complex situations. Urban redevelopment is one of our businesses and we like to think that in this way we are contributing to the sustainable development of the city. Today we are handing over a green space of 28,000 square meters, which can be used by residents of all ages. The creation of a park named for March 8, based on culture and nature, is a source of great pride for me personally and for the whole Prelios Group.