Prelios Integra presents the Durini 18 and Collegio San Carlo projects in Milan

Two different buildings in terms of history and use, sharing many common elements, from their location – in two of the most exclusive streets in the heart of Milan, in an urban setting of enormous historical importance – to the recent restoration and conservation projects, executed under the constraints imposed by the Superintendency given their status as listed buildings.

The Collegio San Carlo in Corso Magenta next to Santa Maria delle Grazie, and Durini 18, in the eponymous street in the center of Milan's Design District, also share the director of the conservation projects: Prelios Integra, which handled both the redevelopment work on the Collegio San Carlo and the overall project management for the restoration of the building in Via Durini 18.

The two projects were presented by Prelios Integra CEO Nicolò Tarantino at the Cantieri d’Italia debate on the relationship between real estate and city, organized by ilQI on November 8 at the Peschiera Borromeo Innovation Campus.

Supported by a team of professionals and an outstanding track record, Prelios Integra directed the redevelopment of the Collegio San Carlo, introducing innovation compatibly with the artistic constraints that apply to a 19th-century building, as well as the restoration of the Durini 18 building – owned by the Primo RE fund managed by Prelios SGR – to achieve the highest level of the prestigious LEED® certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignTM), compliant with the 2009 Core&Shell standards.

Developed in close collaboration with the Superintendency, both projects involved a multidisciplinary approach governed and optimized by Prelios Integra in accordance with the top project management standards.