Prelios Integra obteins a new IMQ certification


Prelios Integra has recently obtained by IMQ the energy management system (EMS) certification – ISO 50001, which provides companies with a reference framework  at worldwide level for the integration of energy performance in the daily management of their activities, allowing the implementation of a unique method to identify and materialize improvements.


The purpose of the analysis is the overall valuation of Prelios Integra Energy Management System compliance and effectiveness through energy analysis valuation, planning, operating control and documentary management of the same system.


The Report states that “the Management commitment, in particular with reference to the objective of energy renovation that is being implemented by the company, is well proved and, starting from the energy Policy declaration, is developed with the definition of the objectives of improvement and allocation of EMS resources. It was verified that the management takes in due account the energy performance in the activity strategy planning.

Legal requirements are identified and their respect is well managed, also thanks to the strong integration with the quality and environment management system. The energy analysis has been properly set, with a general allocation of the main energy systems.  The personnel involved has a good knowledge of energy use within the company, both from the technical and managerial viewpoints”.


This certification enables Prelios Integra to benefit of an evident competitive edge from the economic viewpoint and the environmental viewpoint – which is increasingly important – with a positive impact on the efficiency of the organization as well as on the company image and the relationships with all stakeholders.