Prelios Integra becomes a GRESB partner

Prelios Integra has joined the Partner network of GRESB, the global ESG benchmark for financial markets since 2009. A business unit in the Prelios Group active in property management on behalf of large public and private real estate players, once again this year Prelios Integra has confirmed its position as Property Management leader in Italy for assets managed – more than 9 million square meters – and number one in terms of Project Management revenues, with 13 million euro. “Today sustainability is one of the key elements in investor valuations, as growing attention is paid not only to Environmental questions but also to Social and Governance issues,” says Prelios Integra Managing Director Nicolò Tarantino. “The partnership signed with GRESB is a further demonstration of Prelios Integra’s commitment to the continuous enhancement and modernization of the properties it manages. Increasingly, investors are looking for players who can govern real estate complexity, so that they can rapidly obtain high-quality products that can be put on the market to generate income immediately. More than a professional operator, they want a genuine partner. And compared with the past they need assets that comply with sustainability requirements at all levels, and professional ethics.”

The GRESB organization supplies reliable and transparent ESG data to the financial markets. GRESB Partners are leading national, regional, and global players and bodies active in real estate and infrastructure. “To avoid the worst effects of climate change, the international community has set itself the goal of zero net emissions by the year 2050,” says the organization. “Since governments, cities and individual enterprises plan the future, it is clear that a transition toward a sustainable world is a challenge that all players must take on together.”

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