Prelios Integra assists AEW on the purchase of a building in Rome

Prelios Integra (Prelios Group), the leading provider of integrated Real Estate services in Italy, has assisted AEW on the purchase of a building in Via del Corso, Rome, for the real estate fund "AEW Europe City Retail Fund”.

The transaction, worth an overall amount of 22 million Euro, involved Prelios Integra in the role of advisor for the technical-real estate due diligence operations. The property – which is currently empty – has a total surface area of 875 sq.m over 5 floors.

“We took an active part in the survey analyses and detailed monitoring of compliance through to completion," commented Daniela Marta, Head of Due Diligence at Prelios Integra.

“We have built up a very strong synergy with the AEW team in Italy, and this is one of the transactions we have worked on with them. Generally speaking, retail is an important asset class for us, where our specific competences and track record are second to none, giving us strong appeal on the market,” said Lorenzo Barbagli, Business Development at Prelios Integra.