Prelios Group and all its people support the Fondazione De Marchi

For the 2021 year-end festivities, the Prelios Group and all its people support important organizations involved in the treatment and convalescence of sick children. For many years, the Fondazione De Marchi, a long-standing no-profit organization based at the De Marchi Pediatric Clinic’s Haematology and Oncology Center at the Polyclinic Hospital in Milan, has been active in the fight against the most serious childhood diseases such as tumors, leukemia, thalassaemia and other blood disorders. 

Today, many of these children can be cured. Treatment, however, is lengthy, expensive, and arduous, and requires frequent check-ups and stays in hospital. To help small patients cope with this difficult challenge, the Fondazione De Marchi offers global assistance for children and their families. Not only through the purchase of equipment and training and updates for the medical, nursing and psycho-social personnel looking after the children, but also through the assistance of volunteers who entertain small hospital patients on the pediatric oncohaematology ward, or the financing and organization of therapeutic vacations for sick children, assisted and accompanied by medical personnel and paramedics. The foundation’s support also includes the restructuring and decoration of wards and day hospitals to create comfortable, welcoming and familiar spaces. An example? More than a year after the project launch, the Fondazione De Marchi has opened the new pediatric radiology track. 

In addition to providing a latest-generation CAT scanner, the foundation has a special gift for children coming to the Polyclinic for a CAT scan. Thanks to artwork, projectors and 3D technology, the kids will be able to immerse themselves in a seascape full of fish swimming among marine plants: a way to help them forget they are in hospital and give them a delightful experience to relieve their fears.

The Prelios Group is proud to support the Fondazione De Marchi once again for Christmas 2021 and invites everyone to visit their website:

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