Prelios Credit Servicing relaunches the advertising campaign for the sale of ValVerde complex in Loreto

Loreto, May 9, 2018 - Prelios Credit Servicing, a Prelios Group company and the leading independent servicer in the management and enhancement of non-performing loans, is relaunching the communication campaign for the sale of the newly constructed “ValVerde” residential complex in Loreto, in the Italian province of Ancona.

The new project follows the hugely successful campaign launched in December last year to maximize sales of ValVerde residential units by informing the target audience – families, couples and residents of Loreto and the surrounding communities – about the strengths of ValVerde: its unique location, the tranquility of the area and its proximity to the coast, and, above all, the competitiveness of the offer, a unique opportunity for potential purchasers.

The new multichannel campaign promoted by Prelios Credit Servicing, on air starting from May 8, 2018, until the end of month, will use all local communication channels, both online and offline.

The sale of the complex will be handled by the Court of Florence through a public auction on May 24-25, 29 and 31, 2018.

The Valverde complex consists of 110 high-spec apartments of varying sizes, built for urban and environmental quality, in a modern district located in the valley, overlooked by the Basilica, along the old walls of Loreto, between Via Bramante, Via Borromei, Via Stegher and Viale Europa.

“With this initiative, based on a formula we have already used successfully in the past, we are taking an innovative approach to judicial auctions. This solution allows us to optimize the property in the context of a judicial sale,” said Prelios Credit Servicing General Manager Stefano Montuschi. “The campaign being rolled out now on local press and radio, web and Facebook advertising, will be followed by outdoor hoardings until the dates of the auctions.”

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