Prelios Credit Servicing: open days in Milan on thursday 12 April and tuesday 17 April, organised in conjunction with Hays

Hays selects outstanding young talent on behalf of the leading Group in the alternative asset management, specialised property services and non-performing loans sectors

Milan, 29 March 2018 – Young talent wanted: Prelios, an Italian Group operating in the alternative asset management, specialised property services and non-performing loans sectors, together with Hays, has organised two Open Days to be held in Milan on the 12th and the 17th of April next, entirely dedicated to its own business unit Prelios Credit Servicing, and designed to bring together young lawyers and outstanding Law graduates.

Prelios Credit Servicing (PRECS) has led the NPE – non-performing exposures – sector for thirty years now, and boasts more than 10 billion euros of assets under management. PRECS was founded in 1987, and thanks to a unique track it is one of the largest, most reliable and highly qualified independent specialised platforms for the management of non-performing loans, and a genuine centre of excellence in the secured loans sector.

On Thursday 12 April and Tuesday 17 April, from 09:30 to 17:30, the top management from the Prelios Group  and from Prelios Credit Servicing, together with leading figures from Cassa Forense and experts from Hays, will be meeting promising fresh law graduates and newly-qualified lawyers  interested in finding out what Prelios Credit Servicing does. Over the two days, workshops will be held at the NH Milano Touring Hotel in Via Ugo Tarchetti, Milan, aimed at selecting the best candidates for positions with PRECS or in its extensive network of legal firms.

"Prelios Credit Servicing is unique among those firms operating in the secured loans management sector" says its general manager Stefano Montuschi. "It’s a leader in the field of public financial transactions, and in fact was the first company to have recourse to the State guarantee on the securitization of non-performing loans (GACS - Garanzia Cartolarizzazione Sofferenze). PRECS unique position is also the result of its capillary legal network – with over 400 lawyers selected over the years on the basis of their experience and effectiveness in terms of loan recovery – and its real-estate network, with over 460 property consultants. On the 12th and 17th of April, we shall provide ample knowledge and “entrepreneurial metrics” to those professionals selected, in order to generate new business dynamics together”.  

"These Open Days have been designed to meet requirements in terms both of employment branding, and of contact with – and the possible hiring of – potential young professionals, in view of the substantial nature of the business that Prelios Credit Servicing is acquiring" says Lara Carrese, Human Resources Manager of the Prelios Group. "In keeping with the underlying philosophy and approach of Prelios Journey, our company’s own Academy, we decided to organise these Open Days in a way that offers young lawyers and law graduates an opportunity for further learning and updated knowledge regarding, in this case, the business of NPLs and its impact on the profession of in-house lawyer. we shall also take the opportunity to evaluate the young people participating, in order to identify those candidates who best meet our present and future needs”.

“We are really pleased to lend our support to a company of Prelios Credit Servicing’s calibre during the coming Open Days in Milan” declares Claudia D’Amico, Commercial Manager of Hays Italia. "As recruitment experts, our aim is to select the best candidates for companies, and we are convinced that the creation of networking opportunities represents a fundament asset for the development of company business ”.

The characteristics we are looking for in those professionals intending to take part in the Open Days to be held on 12 and 17 April are: a law degree, preferably with specific knowledge of bankruptcy and/or company law, and an excellent knowledge of English.

To participate in the Prelios Credit Servicing’s Open Days, you must apply through the Hays website at the page, and send in your own curriculum vitae. Those candidates deemed to best fit the requirements of the sought-after personnel  shall be invited to attend the events to be held on 12 and 17 April.

The Prelios Group, to which Prelios Credit Servicing belongs, is one of the main Groups operating in Italy and Europe in the alternative asset management field, and in the specialised real estate services sector, and boasts more than 20 billion Euros of Assets under Management. The Prelios Group is the gateway to the Italian asset management, credit servicing and integrated real estate services markets. It is an independent platform with a track record of over thirty years. Its unique range of real estate services covers all requirements relating to the sector’s complete lifecycle.

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At 31 December 2017, the Group employed 10,800 staff operating in 20 different fields, in 256 offices distributed across 33 different markets.

For the tax year ending 30 June 2017:  

  • the Group posted net earnings of £ 954.6 million, and operating profits of £ 211.5 million (without taking into account its extraordinary business);
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