Prelios Credit Servicing launches communication campaign for Loreto’s ValVerde housing estate

Prelios Credit Servicing, a Prelios Group company and leading independent servicer in managing and enhancing the value of Non-Performing Loans, is launching and promoting a communication campaign to support the sale of the newly built “ValVerde” housing estate in Loreto in the province of Ancona.


The ValVerde housing estate comprises 110 apartments of varying size with high quality fittings, built with urban quality and environmental enhancement in mind. It is situated in a modern, developing neighbourhood on a small valley dominated by the Basilica, which runs along Loreto’s ancient walls, between via Bramante, via Borromei, via Stegher and viale Europa.


The sale of the housing estate will be managed by the Court of Florence with a public auction on 4, 5, 6 and 7 December 2017.


The multichannel campaign promoted by Prelios Credit Servicing will take place over the months of October and November, involving all local means of communication, in order to increase the value of the real estate complex by stressing to the target groups – families, couples and residents of Loreto and of the neighbouring areas- ValVerde’s strong points. These points include its unique location, how quiet the zone is, and its proximity to the sea, but above all the great value of the offer, which constitutes a unique opportunity for potential purchasers.


According to principles and dynamics which are typical of the retail market, with this initiative we wanted to adopt an innovative approach in court auctions, which could be imitated and adapted in other similar situations”- said Stefano Montuschi, General Manager of Prelios Credit Servicing – “Authorised by the Liquidation authorities, we have designed and conceived a structured online and offline communication campaign which aims to increase the value of the real estate as much as possible and ensure that buyers will consider it a perfect choice to become “home” in the context of a compulsory sale procedure. The campaign has recently been launched with printed advertising spaces and local radio broadcasts, online and Facebook advertisements, followed by the posting of billboards up until the date set for the auctions. Prelios Credit Servicing will assist potential buyers for free, by making an auction purchase easier, simple and safe.


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