Prelios at Bocconi &Jobs

The Prelios Group is attending the 28th edition of Bocconi&Jobs, the career day for students, graduates and master’s graduates from Bocconi University, scheduled for Tuesday 7 November 2017.

It will be a unique opportunity for candidates to gain insight into the world of business, and to understand what are the most in-demand profiles, the required skills, how the selection and work induction processes work, and to discover what our Group offers on a professional level.

For Prelios, which has always worked on forming strong collaborations with leading universities, actively participating in occasions when the company and candidates meet means having the opportunity to present recruitment programmes and initiatives, to get to know and select the best resources, to spread company values and to share future projects.

Taking part in job meetings and career days, just like Prelios’ use of Linkedin and other social media channels, forms part of a wider strategy of “employer branding” which our Group uses so that the best talent necessary for our future growth is attracted, kept and made loyal.