Piacenza: a new social housing project by Prelios SGR and CDP Investimenti SGR

Ex Manifattura Tabacchi: presentation of the plan to redevelop the Infrangibile area with a new park, services and social housing.

The urban regeneration and city welfare project for the redevelopment of the former Manifattura Tabacchi tobacco factory was presented at Piacenza City Hall. The site – between Via Montebello and Via Raffalda – is located in the Infrangibile district adjoining the old city wall around the center of Piacenza, on an area of more than 58,000 square meters, of which 30,000 sq.m are currently occupied by abandoned warehouses.

The redevelopment project, named “Le Case nel Parco”, was illustrated on February 4th by Piacenza Mayor Patrizia Barbieri, the Piacenza City Councilor for Town Planning, Land & Heritage, Erika Opizzi, Paola Delmonte from CDP Investimenti SGR, Massimo Dominici from Prelios SGR. The plan has the two-fold objective to improve a large location, with specific attention to environmental issues and energy efficiency, and to contribute to city welfare by providing social housing in response to demand for housing stock.

The project, for a total amount of more than 45 million Euro, will be funded by the Estia Social Housing Fund set up and managed by Prelios SGR and held 80% by Cassa depositi e prestiti (through the FIA Housing Investment Fund managed by Cdp Investimenti SGR), with Crédit Agricole Italia acting as lender bank.

“We are very satisfied with the finalization of the first part of the operation,” said Massimo Dominici, Head of Fund Management Public Sector & Social Housing at Prelios SGR. “We are convinced it will enhance an important area of the city and deliver social and economic benefits for the whole Piacenza community. The shared goals of all the parties involved, private and public, was a decisive factor.”