Paolo Scordino at Partita Doppia about the outlook of the real estate market

Last November 25th, Paolo Scordino, CEO of Prelios SGR, took part in the tv show Partita Doppia dedicated to the outlook of real estate market with other guests among the major players in the Italian real estate sector. Despite the downturn in the real estate market is stored, the increase seems to be long, slow and full of pitfalls, justifying the players’ sentiment of optimism mixed with caution.

According to Paolo Scordino, the approach of major investors is selective, but certainly there is a great interest in the Italian real estate market; considering that the traditional asset classes aren’t profitable anymore, investors are looking at real estate with renewed interest. Unfortunately, the scenario seems not yet fully ready to meet the needs of foreign investors who continue to reward high quality, coming face to face with a scarcity of suitable and appealing products.