NPL Round Table November 18 2016

The round table promoted by Prelios on non-performing bank loans called “NPLs: There is not one solution. There are many different ones”, is taking place now at the Pirelli Tower in Milan, gathering some of the leading players and experts in the sector.

The event, moderated by Nicola Porro, is hosted by Riccardo Serrini, General Manager of Prelios and Managing Director of Prelios Credit Servicing. Participants: Maurizio Bernardo, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies’ Finance Committee; Giuseppe Castagna, Managing Director and General Manager of BPM; Gianluca Jacobini, Co-General Manager of Banca Popolare di Bari; Guglielmo Manetti, Deputy General Manager of Intermonte; Michelangelo Margaria Senior Vice President/Manager of Moody’s; Serena Sileoni, Deputy General Manager of Istituto Bruno Leoni; Catia Tomasetti, President of Acea. 

In light of the increasing importance of non-performing loans held by banks in our country, Prelios intends to initiate a discussion in order to provide an original point of view, focusing on the technical aspects of possible solutions to the problem of NPLs.


Here the contents of the round table.