MIPIM 2018: Riccardo Serrini at the Chiomenti Conference

New Frontiers for Italian Real Estate

In this edition of MIPIM, New Frontiers for Italian Real Estate was the name of the traditional Chiomenti conference, as always one of the most important events in Cannes.

Hosted by Evelina Marchesini, real estate editor for the Sole 24 Ore magazine, the conference included guests such as Umberto Borzi (Chiomenti partner), Manfredi Catella (Founder & CEO of COIMA), Carlo Ratti (director of Carlo Ratti Associati), Andrea Ruckstuhl (Head of Italy and Continental Europe Lendlease), Marco Sangiorgio (General Director of CDP Investimenti SGR), in addition to the CEO of the Prelios Group.

In his speech (summed up in the video), Riccardo Serrini explained the Prelios Group strategies as a unique, complete and independent platform that is at the service of all the needs and activities in the Real Estate sector.

Serrini stressed the importance of the current times in the Italian market of NPL - the largest and most interesting in Europe - in which many investors (especially international ones) are active in.

He also stressed the importance of GACS (the public guarantee securitisation) that the Prelios Group was the first to use and for which it is the leader in terms of numbers launched.