Milan: Porta Vittoria redevelopment with York Capital and Prelios SGR

The resumption of work on the Porta Vittoria district in Milan was officially announced during a public meeting on December 11. The following were present at the meeting and illustrated the works program to the public audience: Pierfrancesco Maran, Milan City Councilor for Town Planning, Landscaping & Agriculture, Angelo Ventura, sole administrator of Progetto Vittoria Real Estate, architects Fabio Nonis and Paola Berlanda, and Andrea Cornetti, general manager of Prelios SGR.

Thanks to the Niche Fund set up and managed by Prelios SGR in which York Capital is an investor, the long-awaited redevelopment of the Porta Vittoria district, including the residential section and the large public park planned by the project, and other works, can at last be completed. “This is the largest unfinished area in this part of the city, and we are delighted that work will start up again soon, similarly to other important projects such as the Cascina Merlata, the Goccia area in Bovisa and the Adriano district,” said councilor Maran. “Work will resume in 2019, beginning with all 40,000 square meters of parkland extending from Largo Marinai d’Italia.” Satisfaction was also expressed by Andrea Cornetti: “This is an important development project and its continuation will heal an open wound in Milan,” said the Prelios SGR general manager. “An area of great importance will at last be integrated within the urban fabric and returned to the city. All the procedures of this only partially completed project will be re-opened so that the Niche Fund can resume work.”