L. Brucato: Prelios Valuations Premium platform gives risk managers a complete vision

The new Prelios Valuations PREMIUM platform enables banks, investors, insurers and real estate managers to broaden their understanding of trends on the property market, by moving from observation based on prices and transactions to a vision embracing the entire spectrum of macro and micro economic, social and demographic conditions.

“Profit margins on mortgage loans are extremely tight at the moment, capital requirements are at record highs and compliance is particularly focused on NPLs and provisions,” said Luke Brucato, head of business development at Prelios Valuations, at the event Will Real Estate Big Data Help Mitigate Risks? organized in Milan by Deloitte on May 24, 2018. “The Premium platform gives risk managers a complete vision, using asset-by-asset analysis to provide early warning of any signs that could suggest a future change in value.”

The innovative big data analytics tool for valuing property assets and guarantees was developed by Prelios Valuations in collaboration with BRaVE m&t (a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano), Microsoft, Consodata and Agic Technology.

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