Journey @Prelios

Prelios Journey, the in-house Academy course promoted by the Prelios Group for new recruits and recently-hired employees, was launched today. It aims to further ensure that the integration of new colleagues is as motivating and efficient as possible.

Prelios Journey is an onboarding process in which knowledge, values, working conduct, and strategies are shared in order to promote engagement, growth and cohesion among people within the Group.

Organised for a total of seven modules, which last approximately 90 minutes each, Prelios Journey takes on a maximum of 20 participants per module. The programme involves in-house teaching/mentoring by invaluable and key personnel within the Group, whose aim is to deliver the content of every single session with passion and enthusiasm.

Participating in the first session entitled “Prelios Group: the business, activities and synergies of the Group”, was Bruno Camisasca, the Prelios Group’s Chief Operating Officer, who gave an overview of the unique nature of Prelios and its Business Platform, as well as a summary of the synergies between the various operating companies.