A green Colosseum for Milan: Prelios Group Partner Sponsor of PAN - Parco Amphitheatrum Naturae

The Prelios Group is proud to be a Partner Sponsor of PAN - Parco Amphitheatrum Naturae, an innovative green archeology project set up to restore Milan’s Imperial Amphitheater. Constructed in the 1st Century AD and destroyed during the barbarian invasions in the 5th Century, the amphitheater was almost as large as the Colosseum in Rome. Milan is to have its Colosseum once again, as the result of a “green” proposal presented to Milan City Council by Antonella Ranaldi, Archeology Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendent for the Metropolitan City of Milan. Once the archaeologists have completed the excavations and the finds have been catalogued, safety and consolidation works will take place. A significant number of important architectural finds have been unearthed. While it is not possible to rebuild the amphitheater in stone, a perfect reproduction of the original architectural structure will be created with hundreds of trees and bushes planted in a large new park in the Ticino district, so that Milan residents can imagine how it must have looked.