Fico Eataly World: in twelve months, three million visitors, revenues for 50 million euro, 3,000 jobs

2.8 million visitors, 90,000 business visitors, 192 days of events and meetings in the conference center, 158,000 participants in courses, guided tours, live experiences, revenues for 50 million euro.
Plus: 40,000 elementary, junior and senior high school students involved in completed or booked school activities, 900 new jobs, mostly for young people, and 3,000 jobs overall including ancillary sectors; 40 live production operations turning out the best in Italian food and wine, 45 refreshment areas, ranging from street food to starred restaurants, 100 Italian companies active in organization, food and beverages, sales and services.
These are the main figures for FICO Eataly World, exactly twelve months after it opened. An ID card presented in Bologna on November 14, by the key players in the project for the creation and management of the world’s large agri-food park.
Those attending the meeting included Tiziana Primori and Francesco Farinetti, respectively CEO and president of FICO Eatalyworld; Andrea Segrè, president of the FICO foundation; Alessandro Bonfiglioli, general manager of CAAB, Centro Agroalimentare Bologna; Matteo Lepore, Bologna city councilor for Tourism & Promotion; Simona Caselli, Emilia-Romagna regional councilor for Agriculture; Giancarlo Tonelli, director of Confcommercio Ascom Bologna; and Andrea Cornetti, general manager of Prelios Sgr. The Prelios Group is a protagonist of FICO Eataly World on several fronts: through Prelios SGR and the PAI-Parchi Agroalimentari Italiani Fund, it created the financial structure that underpinned the initiative. Meanwhile, Prelios Integra was responsible for managing the project, which transformed the former CAAB building in Bologna into a city for food and the quality of life, an undertaking whose future developments include the new FICO Hotel. It was no coincidence that representatives of the Prelios Group were on the stage at MIPIM 2018 in Cannes, which assigned the MIPIM Award to FICO Eataly World.
Hereinafter the link for the interview with Prelios Sgr general manager Andrea Cornetti.