The FICO Eataly World TV campaign is on air

The world's largest agri-food park, managed by Eataly World, was developed through the PAI Fund set up by Prelios SGR.

The park's project management and future development, including the hotel, is handled by Prelios Integra. The new multi-channel campaign is going out on the RAI channels, Mediaset, La7, Discovery Channel, K2 and Frisbee. It will air until June 13, and then return in July and August. In its first six months, FICO has welcomed around 1,500,000 visitors, generating revenues of 25.9 million Euro for its factories, restaurants, laboratories, courses and services. FICO Eataly World’s positive impact for Bologna is enhanced with revenues worth 13.3 million Euro in allied industries, according to Nomisma. The project has also raised the international profile of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region: like The New York Times, Lonely Planet ranks the region top of the list of places to visit in Europe in 2018. With Prelios, FICO also won the Mipim Award, the real estate sector's equivalent to the Oscar.