Andrea Cornetti speaker at the “Abitare il nostro Tempo” conference

A reflection on the important changes on the real estate market with institutions, property funds, architects and experts. This was the objective of the “Abitare il nostro Tempo” conference (“living in our time”), organized in Bologna on 18 October by De Toschi S.p.A., a real estate company in the Banca di Bologna group, at which Prelios SGR General Manager Andrea Cornetti was one of the speakers.

“The cities we live in often have urban vacuums and abandoned areas as a result of the natural process of community development over the decades and evolving economic and social trends,” said Andrea Cornetti during his address, entitled: “Innovation, creativity and efficiency: creating added value”. “The transformation of our cities should be in a context of added value creation, not of «traumatic» change. In this sense, innovation should be led by urban planning and far-sighted development of spaces with the focus on saving territorial resources and enhancing existing assets by implementing the key principles of sustainable use of the territory, maintenance of natural areas and innovative use of processes to enable private-public collaboration. The real estate sector is at the center of attention as a protagonist of this process, and the challenge facing players, including managers of real estate investments, has been and will be to continue finding new ways of re-using property and simultaneously creating value for local residents.”