Andrea Cornetti for Scenari Immobiliari

Andrea Cornetti, General Manager of Prelios SGR, spoke at the presentation of the updating supplement of the 2017 real estate funds report titled “Italian and International Property Funds” organized by Scenari Immobiliari and held today at the Via Veneto Auditorium in Rome. The convention was the occasion to take stock of the situation and analyze trends in the real estate investment funds and trusts in Europe.

“According to the latest data, the Italian real estate market is made up of a wealth of about 62 billion Euros divided among reserved funds (84.5%), Listed Real Estate Investment Companies (11.8%), retail funds (3.3%) and listed real estate companies (0.4%) – said Andrea Cornetti, General Manager of Prelios SGR. “Therefore, there are major signs of consolidation of the revival of the real estate funds industry. In this context, Prelios SGR intends to continue to specialize in non-traditional investments, consistently with the recent PAI Fund experience, which has enabled the urban regeneration of the Bologna former fruit and vegetable market, with the construction of FICO Eataly World Bologna. This park was inaugurated on 15 November and aroused enormous interest among the public and sector players. The PAI experience demonstrates that real estate funds, among all investment products, remain an innovative tool, because they are capable of attracting investments from public and private institutional players and may have a positive impact on a wide range of real-economy sectors. In fact, thanks to its characteristics in terms of governance and transparency, a real estate fund can be perfectly used as an investment tool by those who wish to invest in initiatives that combine good financial return and positive social and ethical effects both for the investors and, in general, for the local areas. Therefore, Prelios SGR will continue to focus in particular on the structuring of innovative investments in sectors such as entertainment for educational /scientific purposes, student accommodation facilities and schools, so that our investors may combine a sustainable risk/return profile and the achievement of their corporate missions.”