Milan, 15 May 2013 – Prelios informs – pursuant to art. 85-bis of Consob Regulation 11971/99 – that on 20 May 2013, in order to enforce the resolution adopted by the extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Prelios S.p.A. held on 8 May 2013, the grouping of Prelios S.p.A. ordinary shares (ISIN IT0003270615), coupon n. 8, will start in a ratio of n. 1 newly issued share every n. 10 ordinary shares held, subject to prior cancellation of n. 1,171,777 ordinary treasury shares held by the Company, lacking face value, without share capital reduction.

As a result of the grouping, the new share capital of Prelios S.p.A. will consequently be equal to Euro 4,881,622.501 , divided into n. 84,000,000 ordinary shares lacking face value (ISIN IT0004923022), with regular dividend (1 January 2013), coupon n. 1.

The grouping will take place at Monte Titoli S.p.A. and will be made by the depository intermediaries through issue of new shares grouped, replacing the existing shares.

In order to facilitate the grouping transactions and monetize the fractional shares that may result therefrom, Prelios S.p.A. gave mandate to UniCredit Bank AG, Milan Branch, so that the latter from 23 May 2013 to 7 June 2013, upon the intermediary’s request, becomes the counterparty for the monetization of the fractions of the grouped newly issued shares missing or exceeding the minimum required to allow shareholders to hold an entire number of shares.

Through Monte Titoli S.p.A., instructions will be provided to depository intermediaries so as to guarantee to holders of less than 10 existing shares that, on their request, they receive n. 1 newly issued share against payment of the relevant countervalue.

Such fractions will be paid, without any additional costs for stamp duties, commissions or other expenses, based on the official price of Prelios S.p.A. ordinary shares, as identified on the Telematic Stock Market (“Mercato Telematico Azionario”) before the grouping on 17 May 2013; this price will be notified to Monte Titoli S.p.A. and to intermediaries on 20 May 2013.