Ethical Code

Prelios bases its internal and external activity on respect for the “Values” and principles contained in the “Code of Ethics” of the Prelios Group, in the belief that ethics in carrying on business must be pursued together with success for the company. The Code of Ethics was updated and added to at the end of 2009 and during 2010 it was communicated to all workers, and also published on the company Intranet and on Prelios's website (, in the “Corporate Governance” section and in the “Sustainability” section, for the wider community and in line with what had already been done with the previous version. Prelios in fact had drawn up an “Ethical Code” in 2003 in the context of the wider adoption of an organizational model in accordance with the provisions of Lgs. Dec. 231/2001. Even with the separation from the Pirelli Group late 2010, nothing has changed as regards “Values”, “Code of Ethics” and “231 Organizational Model” which today, as in the past, regulate the life and operations of the Company and the Group.

The Code of Ethics presents the general principles (transparency, correctness and loyalty) which inspire the performance and conduction of business, the objectives and values on which the company's business is based.