Siemens Italia and Prelios Integra together for energy efficiency and the digitalization of buildings: Nicolò Tarantino and Fabio Del Prete interviewed on radio RAI GR1

Siemens and Prelios Integra joined: the two Companies announce cooperation on digital technology projects for buildings, focusing on increasing the value of properties through energy savings and building performance sustainability.

80% of the total management costs of a building occur after it comes on stream and 40% of these costs are related to energy consumption. Siemens Italia and Prelios Integra will act together, providing energy efficient solutions based on innovative, cutting edge technologies.

Nicolò Tarantino, CEO of Prelios Integra, and Fabio Del Prete, Country Division Lead Building Technologies of Siemens Italia, were interviewed on radio RAI GR1 by Deputy Editor Roberto Pippan on March 10, 2018.