Our Services

Investment advisory

We actively search for investment and development opportunities based on the criteria provided by our Clients. We specialize in the commercial property sector like offices, shopping centers, industrial and logistic parks in Poland.

During the entire property acquisition/disposal process we provide our Clients with assistance in relation to:

  • Property selection and assessment
  • Market analysis
  • Property valuation
  • Management of data room and Q&A  process
  • Management of due diligence process (incl.  commercial, technical and legal)
  • Selection of investors
  • Acquisition/ Sale strategies
  • Post-acquisition asset management and advisory

Investment advisory Contact Person:

Maja Biesiekierska
Head of Advisory and Asset Management


Value added asset and property management

We offer asset management services (management of commercial properties, such as offices, shopping centers, logistic and industrial parks), which consist in professional advisory, combined with identifying and solving problems connected with a given portfolio. The aim of our services is to utilize portfolio potential, maximize portfolio value, and at the same time optimize costs.

Our activities include real property portfolio management, starting from the purchase of property by the investor, lease supervision and current property management by the administrator, by way of preparing sales transactions in the moment most beneficial for the investor, which enables identifying tailored strategies for the given project.


Distressed assets and Non Performing Loans

Special services in relation to distressed assets and non-performing loans secured by real properties (NPL)

The specialist knowledge of the Prelios Real Estate Advisory team, connected with active asset management, results from year-long experience in managing and stabilizing difficult and jeopardized real property portfolios in Poland and abroad. Our achievements within this scope prove that the solutions proposed by us yield expected results and confirm the effectiveness of our activities in all areas related to real property.

This service is directed to the owners of distressed assets as well as the banks suffering from non-performing loans secured by commercial properties.

Due diligence

The Prelios REA team has extensive knowledge and in-depth experience within the scope of real property analysis in terms of lease agreements, current and potential real property revenues, operating costs and coordination of the whole due diligence process. Due diligence is carried out with the participation of experts in various fields (legal, tax, environmental, and technical analysis), which enables our Clients to control the course of the whole operation.

Lease renewals and negotiations

Prelios Real Estate Advisory acts in a professional capacity on behalf of both Landlords and Tenants in connection with commercial property lease renewals. This has now become an area where negotiating skills together with in depth market knowledge and experience are at a premium. With leases especially, where not just the rent but the terms of the lease are important, a good grasp of Polish law governing the relationship between Landlord and Tenant is vital. In negotiating lease renewals the expert negotiator must be fully conversant with the state of the market and be confident of the rental value of a particular property.

Our experience gained in previous years  as well as restructuring of lease drafts for our Clients allows us to provide a successful  lease renewal service during even most complicated renegotiations.


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