Awards and certifications



Prelios Integra has received CSQ Quality Certification (ISO 9001:2015) from the IMQ for effective and efficient provision of services; it has also obtained CSQ-ECO Environmental Certification (ISO 14001), attesting to its commitment in monitoring the environmental impact of its activities; CSQ-H&S Occupational Safety and Health Certification (BS OH SAS 18001 ), guaranteeing adequate control of worker health and safety; and IQNet international certification for social corporate responsibility (SA 8000), attesting to full transparency and corporate ethics.

After verifying compliance with the requirements of Presidential Decree 207/2010, Bentley SOA S.p.A. issued Prelios integra S.p.A. with S.O.A. Certificate no. 21299/35/00.

This is a qualification certificate demonstrating compliance with the technical and financial capability requirements for the awarding of public contracts, without the need for the provider to stipulate a contract undertaking to rely on the capabilities of other companies. In particular, Prelios Integra S.p.A. is qualified for the following categories and classes:

  • Category OG 1 Class III
  • Category OG 11 Class I

Awards and ratings

Prelios Integra has been assigned a 3 star “Legality Rating” by the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) under the measures to combat illegal corporate practices and the interference of organized crime in business, which hamper the smooth operation of market mechanisms and the development of a healthy economy.

The IMQ has also awarded energy management system (EMS) certification (ISO 50001) to Prelios Integra. This standard is a worldwide reference framework for companies to integrate energy performance into their daily management and implement a unique method to identify and implement improvements.