Benefit from Prelios’ expertise and range of services

Prelios Immobilien Management is active across Germany and and specialised in the operational and strategic management of commercial and retail properties: shopping centres, department stores, commercial-, hotel- and office buildings as well as mixed-use properties. Currently, Prelios manages assets worth more than EUR 2.2 billion. In recent years, Prelios Immobilien Management has managed property transactions with a volume in excess of more than EUR 4 billion. Today, Prelios operates rental space of around 1 million square meters in commercial and retail properties.

All management services from a single source:

  • Buy-Side Advisory / Deal Sourcing
  • Consultancy / Concept Planning
  • Development / Project Management
  • Repositioning / Refurbishment
  • Letting
  • Center Management
  • Technical Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Car Park Management
  • Transaction Management

Prelios takes responsibility for all areas that determine the performance and value of commercial properties and portfolios, especially retail properties. In close coordination with local authorities, partners, tenants and investors, Prelios develops tailor-made, location-specific property and service concepts and individual solutions. We place special emphasis on far-sighted thought and action. As a result, Prelios is proud of its internationally recognised ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in the fields of quality and environmental management.

Shopping Center Management

Prelios’ Shopping Center Management team provides the comprehensive management of shopping centres and is responsible for all operational and strategic matters relating to shopping centres. A very high-quality shopping experience, an attractive and diverse tenant and product mix, and integration in the immediate surroundings and the catchment area are crucial to success. Our individual, location-specific concepts, up-to-the-minute retail space concepts, extensive integration of digital services, and continuous optimisation and problem solving during operation help you rise to today’s challenges.

Shopping Center Management services:

  • Profiling, positioning and branding
  • Responsibility for day-to-day operation
  • Safeguarding of centre processes
  • Professional marketing, event management and PR
  • Optimisation of the tenant and service mix
  • Letting services and management in agreement with owner
  • Car Park Management
  • Contact with the authorities and stakeholders
  • Continuous analysis and monitoring of competitors
  • Constant optimisation of centre operations taking into account operating costs

Contact Shopping Center Management

Peter Hermann

Peter Herrmann
Head of Shopping Center Management




Letting services

Long-term experience and market knowledge are the basis for effective and return-oriented letting services. Satisfied tenants and the best possible conditions for the property are our goal and our core competence. Prelios provides all relevant letting services to investors and owners of commercial real estate. Furthermore, Prelios offers appealing space in attractive properties to retailers and other tenants.

Letting Services:

  • Development of individual rental concepts und strategies
  • Continuous optimisation of the product and tenant mix
  • Letting marketing
  • Letting services for existing and new properties
  • Lease negotiations and lease contracts
  • Coordination with Technical Property Management
  • Car park management
  • Coordination with owners
  • Tenant communication
  • Comprehensive reporting

Contact Letting Services

Marc-André Erbstößer

Marc-André Erbstößer
Head of Letting




Project Development

Our knowledge offers a decisive advantage in property developments: an overall understanding of the processes and influences involved in developing and managing commercial and retail real estate. Extensive expertise in the development of profitable, tailored commercial properties by means of customer and market orientation and professional execution – and a clear commitment to action.

Development & Project Management services:

  • Planning and concept development
  • Project initiation and acquisition
  • Location and project analysis
  • Management and controlling of construction
  • Planning permission
  • Coordination of all steps in all project phases
  • Commercial project management
  • Technical project management
  • Development and implementation of joint venture models
  • Efficient execution of all required steps
  • Transfer to long-term management 

Contact Development & Project Management

Volkmar Drescher
Head of Development Services



Transaction Management

Prelios Immobilien Management generates value – for vendors and investors. With outstanding market knowledge, experienced experts, specialised consultancy services and professional management services for commercial and retail real estate, we offer individual concepts and solutions for customers and properties. In recent years, Prelios Immobilien Management has conducted transactions with a volume of more than 3.6 billion euros.

Transaction Management services:

  • Buy-side advisory
  • Property selection and assessment
  • Market analysis and valuation
  • Acquisition and selection of investors
  • Development of purchase/sale strategies and action plans
  • Data room management
  • Management of the Q&A process
  • Process management between signing and closing
  • Comprehensive management of all project phases
  • Development and negotiation of purchase contract
  • After-sales management

Contact Transaction Management

Christian Verg
Head of Transaction Management



Technical Property Management

The maintenance of property begins with constant care and upkeep of buildings – technical property management. Prelios Immobilien Management’s experienced Technical Property Management team ensures that properties and real estate projects consistently produce returns.

Technical Property Management services:

  • Technical property management
  • Maintenance, refurbishment and modernisation management
  • Planning and implementation of property development, redevelopment and expansion
  • Leasing and sales support in terms of all planning and technical requirements
  • Selection, coordination, direction and control of infrastructural services
  • Technical support and advice for sales
  • Budget planning and reporting
  • Optimisation of costs through operational synergies and central purchasing

Contact Technical Property Management

Frank Sieke
Head of Technical Property Management



Commercial Property Management

Professional management by experienced specialists, reliable networks and our personal commitment come together to benefit our clients. Prelios Immobilien Management aims to achieve optimum returns for owners while also generating continuous increases in value.

Commercial Property Management services:

  • Leaseholder management
  • Lease management
  • Billing of incidental costs
  • Budget planning
  • Effective claim management
  • Commercial management of rental property renovation
  • Property documentation
  • Data room management
  • Invoicing, bookkeeping
  • Owner-specific reporting
  • Transaction support

Contact Commercial Property Management

Niels Peters
Head of Commercial Property management



Asset & Portfolio Management

Prelios Immobilien Management creates value through active management. Institutional and private clients benefit from comprehensive local, regional and national market knowledge, a vast network and efficient structures in the development of tailor-made real estate and solution concepts.

Asset & Portfolio Management services:

  • Market analysis
  • Identification of suitable properties
  • Preparation of relevant property and sale documents
  • Coordination and processing of due diligence analysis
  • Feasibility analyses
  • Finance management
  • Management and conclusion of land purchases and contracts with neighbours
  • Business plans
  • Reporting, budgeting and financial forecasts
  • Active portfolio management, including repositioning, leasing, refurbishment and direction of construction measures
  • Direction of commercial and technical property management
  • Management of the parties involved in the sale
  • Creation and implementation of sales plans
  • Implementation of the sale process/transaction
  • Transaction management

Contact Asset & Portfolio Management 

Susanne Günzel
Head of Asset Management



Investment Management

Investment Management represents a consistent expansion of Prelios' existing range of services in Germany. This area is managed from Frankfurt am Main and offers two service areas for institutional investors: Investment Management and Separate Account Investment Management. As one of the few providers, Prelios has both a track record in the refurbishment and operation of commercial and retail real estate as well as an experienced fund management team. International and national customers benefit from the company's extensive range of services, proven expertise in the real estate and investment sectors as well as experienced teams in Hamburg and Frankfurt.

Contact Investment Management

Gregor BöhmeGregor Böhme
Head of Acquisitions



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