One-stop shop for an all-encompassing service

As an all-round service provider, Prelios Agency acts as a one-stop shop for various types of client: corporate organizations, public and private investors, international operators, Italian and foreign property funds.

With its strongly motivated and proactive team of highly qualified professional experts, and a widespread network of trusted agents operating across Italy, Prelios Agency is active in four distinct business areas: Capital Markets, Institutional Leasing, Residential and Network Transactions.

A tailor-made quality service

Prelios Agency defines, jointly with clients, the most appropriate strategies for their specific requirements, providing complete on-going support at every phase of the development process.

Its teams of professional experts ensure an optimum level of consultancy, from planning investment strategies or property sales to structuring transactions, searching for tenants and optimizing the profitability of a property.

They also provide innovative specialized services such as data room support and due diligence, as well as the definition of marketing plans, drawing on the market-trend information supplied by the Prelios Group’s Market Research department.

Using these dedicated analysis capabilities, Prelios Agency runs a Performance Management department tasked with offering commercial support, analyzing performance and producing specific market studies, and drafting targeted reports for each client and sector.

Capital Markets

The Prelios Agency Capital Markets team provides consultancy services for a large number of private and institutional investors, property funds and national and international businesses, on the purchase or sale of high-value individual properties or property portfolios, both income-generating and vacant. It handles all property asset classes: offices, retail, logistics, hospitality, development areas, alternative asset classes.

Institutional Leasing

Prelios Agency provides property owners and tenant companies with consultancy services for the leasing of office and commercial premises.

Its main activities for companies searching for premises include analysis and assessment of client needs, definition of the optimal layout, analysis of the market offer through tailored property scouting, negotiation management and transaction structuring through to completion, renegotiation of existing contracts to align rents with market values.



The Residential Team offers consultancy services for the disposal and enhancement of residential buildings.

Its activities include property location and purchase, marketing existing buildings to be split into individual properties, the sale of entire blocks of properties and the development of new constructions.

The Prelios Agency Residential division analyzes the context of the property product, defines the project guidelines, develops the sale and market positioning/promotion strategy, and manages marketing activities.

Network Transaction

Prelios Agency has a large and widespread network of independent professionals, coordinated directly from headquarters, who handle the marketing of property portfolios owned by funds, banks and institutional or private investors and composed of assets for various uses located throughout Italy.

The Network Transactions structure is made up of key accounts and sales accounts who manage relations with the property owners on a continuous basis, define the best marketing strategies, select the agents to be assigned to the product, ensure proper management of sales and minimize transaction risks.


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