XII Itinerario Previdenziale. Governance, costs and new assets: the right mix for good performance

Andrea Cornetti, General Manager of Prelios SGR, speaker at the Itinerari Previdenziali conference

"Governance, costs and new assets: the right mix for good performance” is the title of the conference organised by Itinerari Previdenziali, an independent entity that has been working in research, training and information in the welfare and social protection system area for over 10 years with the goal of developing the pension, welfare and supplementary healthcare ethos.
Andrea Cornetti, General Manager of Prelios SGR was also on the conference panel as speaker at the 12th edition of this appointment, organised in Lecce 26 to 29 September 2018.
The attention of the institutional investors over the years has more and more shifted to seeking out investment products capable to combining the contemporary needs for a satisfactory risk/yield profile, transparent governance and cost curbing,” commented Andrea Cornetti during the round table discussion on investment solutions. “This need is perfectly met in financial managed savings products, such as investment funds. Indeed, not only do the funds have these characteristics, but they also allow institutional investors to safely take a look at several sectors of the real economy in which opportunities and requirements resulting from the economic-financial crisis were created.” There are important examples with two investment sectors that are attracting the interest of many, Cornetti said. “On the one hand, the credit market, with new sources of alternative funding such as the private debt funds that are increasingly expanding internationally and that are in the infancy stage in Italy following the contraction of the bank lending market that marked the post-crisis years and that negatively impacted the growth of the real economy. On the other hand, investments in social infrastructure, which over the years have enjoyed an increasingly smaller contribution from public capital.” These investments are playing a more and more important role in allocating the portfolio of institutional investors “in so far as they make it possible to diversify investments, ensure a stability of flows over time and a stability of investment value over the years. It is increasingly obvious that instruments such as the alternative investment funds will be able to make participation in pension savings easier so that it can play a vaster strategic role in relaunching the economy.”