Where there is RITMO there is Movimentart

From June 25 the RITMO co-working area recently opened in the Prelios Milan HQ, hosts the temporary exhibition of the artist Gregorio Mancino, promoter and founder of the "Movimentart". The artist, known for his performances on the move, works in Milan, in his studio on the banks of the Naviglio Grande; participates in numerous competitions, as well as in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and he is recognized for his social commitment (UNICEF Ambassador, member of Associazione Medici Brianza, Clown D’Oro Dottor Sorriso, etc.).

The latest art installation, created in December 2014 and called "the biggest heart in the world", covered the surface of the Lombardy Region HQ square, forming a gigantic and symbolic collage of over 2,000 paintings 30 cm x 30 cm representing hearts painted by children from around the world. The revenues from the sale of the paintings were donated to the ''Association of Children with heart disease in the world".

Mancino has recently reinterpreted for Prelios some advertising that made the history of Group lighting colors with energetic brushstrokes as to give them new vitality.

A unique exhibition, exclusively for Prelios, which renews its connection with contemporary art in a space shaped to become a creative laboratory of ideas.