Press Release - Tecla-Fondo uffici - Prelios Sgr Approves the Interim Report as at 30 September 2016



Milan, 27 October 2016 - With regard to “Tecla - Fondo Uffici” (the “Fund”), the Board of Directors of Prelios SGR met today and (i) approved the Fund’s interim report as at 30 September 2016, and also (ii) resolved, upon reviewing the non-binding offers that were received, to move forward with the en bloc sale of the Fund’s residual real estate portfolio with the investors that have been selected to advance to the next phase of the tender process.

During the quarter, and as communicated in the press release published on 05 August 2016, the Fund concluded the en bloc sale of the five remaining telephone exchanges for 39.3 million Euro, in line with the preliminary sales agreement signed on December 2015.

Also during the quarter, the Fund renegotiated a lease agreement with a tenant operating in the biotechnology sector for the office building located on Via delle Industrie, in Vimodrone, adding 763 square meters to the space already under lease.

On 15 September 2016, as communicated in the press release issued on the same date, the Board of Directors of the SGR approved an additional partial pro quota reimbursement totalling 5.0 million Euro (equal to Euro 7.73 per unit) to the Fund’s unit holders, following the disposals made during the month of August 2016. The reimbursement was paid on 28 September 2016. Thanks to this payment, the Fund has made partial pro quota reimbursements and distributions of income totalling 123.9% of the capital subscribed at the time of placement.


The interim report of Tecla - Fondo Uffici will be available to the public at the offices of Prelios SGR, of Borsa Italiana, of the Custodian Bank State Street Bank GmbH - Italian branch and at