Prelios sponsors the face off between “Furious Geniuses”

Together with Unipol and FaiService, Prelios sponsors  the exhibition “La figura della furia” (“The shape of fury”), that will take place in Florence  from April 16 to July 27 and will see a virtual face off between Michelangelo, the main protagonist of the Italia’s Risorgimento, and Pollok,  the action painting genius.

The exhibition, taking inspiration from Pollock’s early studies and its interest in Michelangelo’s work, will present a comparison about their styles, subjects, stories and worlds.

Created on the occasion of the 450° Michelangelo’s death date, the exhibition will take place in the Palazzo Vecchio where a dedicated hall will host the Michelangelo’s “Genio della Vittoria” and some Pollock’s drawings and pictures, and in Saint Florence ex-tribunal, where a multimedia zone with teaching and interactive areas concerning the painter’s life will be set up.

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