TOTAL SALE VALUE: 26.43 mln\€


Milan, 26 June 2015Tecla Fondo Uffici, a closed-end real estate mutual fund, listed on the MIV segment and managed by Prelios SGR, disposed on today’s date two properties located, respectively, in Milan, via Giovanni Antonio Plana 38, and in Cassina de’ Pecchi (MI), via L. da Vinci SNC, both with mainly technological services use destination.


The above mentioned two buildings were sold to Telecom Italian SpA, which had already been leased to, for a total of 26.43 million euro equal to the last OMV.


The property in via Plana 38, located in Milan’s northwest suburbs, in a primarily residential

area, has seven levels above ground as well as a basement, an additional underground level and a mezzanine, all used primarily for technological services. The total gross area of the building is approximately 13,000 sqm.


The building complex in Cassina de’ Pecchi, located about 20 km northeast of Milan, is in a primarily industrial zone. Intended prevalently for technical services, the complex consists of five buildings in a private fencedin area and has a total gross area of approximately 12,500 sqm.


Prelios SGR informs that, moreover, the cooptation as Director with the title of Independent of Dr. Domenico Livio TROMBONE, in office until the next shareholders' meeting, was decided by the Board of Directors on May 25, 2015.


All information relating to the origin of the assets owned by the Tecla Fund is available in the Information Memorandum relating to the IPO and Listing of the Fund Units of 2004 at and The transaction documents will be made available to the public at the registered offices of Prelios SGR and the Depositary Bank State Street Bank as well as at and as provided for by article 17 of the Tecla Fund Management Regulation.


Prelios SGR today manages 26 real estate funds, of which 5 established in 2014, for a total AuM is nearly €  3.5 bln. The funds under management also include a real estate retail fund, listed on the MIV segment of the Italian Stock Exchange: Tecla Fondo Uffici, first Italian real estate fund established in 2004 by private contribution

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