Prelios Journey: Gabriella Breno presents “The Group’s main processes”

​The events for Prelios Journey, the Internal Academy’s course promoted by the Prelios Group, continue on. The course’s third session, scheduled for Thursday 14 December and entitled “The Group’s main processes”, will be headed by Gabriella Breno, Director of Operations of Prelios Credit Servicing. The event will be an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the main processes that govern the organizational structure of our Group, namely the entire body of interrelated activities which create value. This is a matter of paramount importance, especially for regulated companies such as Prelios Credit Servicing and Prelios SGR. The session intends to communicate the fundamental concepts relating to the structure of organizational documentation, learning methods, and the obligations that we are required to fulfil by various internal and external regulations. This shall be done by analyzing the Business Continuity process with a substantive approach, as well as by simulating an emergency situation.