Prelios Integra takes part in the EEnvest project funded by Horizon2020

Milano, July 24 2019 - Prelios Integra is one of the partners supporting the European EEnvest project funded by Horizon 2020, the largest program ever implemented by the European Union to promote and support research and innovation in the Member States from 2014 to 2020.

Coordinated by EURAC Research, a renewable energy body based in Bolzano, Italy, the EEnvest project will develop an online platform able to calculate investment risk – for public bodies, financiers and owners of large property portfolios – on large-scale restructuring projects.

EEnvest marks Prelios Integra’s entry into the area of international research projects, bringing all its know-how to support an initiative that will develop effective assessment methods for the correlation of technical/financial risk with efficiency improvement. A facilitator in investor decision-making, it will include non-energy benefits in the asset valuation models, quantifying their economic impact.

“We are honored to take part in this project and to offer all our experience and technology to contribute to the success of the program,” said Prelios Integra CEO Nicolò Tarantino. “Today, we lack tools to calculate the economic impact for investors of an efficiency-improvement plan. Access to a precise, reliable, standard technical/financial risk calculation method could lead to a reduction in borrowing costs for financiers and, ultimately, to greater private capital allocation in this field.”

The project is largely concerned with public and privately owned business properties, but intends in the short term to develop an internationally recognized standard method for residential properties too. It also aims to promote dialog among two worlds that tend not to speak the same language: the technical community and the investor community. The online platform architecture created by the EEnvest project will be developed by Scottish software company IES, a partner on the project, and will provide a marketplace for stakeholders in the sector.