Prelios Integra: Gianni Armas Appointed Technical Director - Mirko Cinque New Head of Project Management

Milan, 6 March 2017 Prelios Integra has chosen Gianni Armas as the new Technical Director and Mirko Cinque as the new head of the Project Management function.

A graduate in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic, Gianni Armas joined the Prelios Group in May 2016. Until April 2016, he was Contract Manager for the construction of three skyscrapers and the CityLife shopping mall, specializing in the technical and economic management of projects and the coordination of interdisciplinary design.

From 2007 to 2013, he was Assistant Project Manager and Design Manager, first with Impregilo for the headquarters of the Lombardy Regional Authority, and subsequently at Rizzani de Eccher-Implenia for the Intesa-SanPaolo skyscraper. He has lengthy experience in the management of complex projects. Previously, he had managed projects for various design studios, working principally in the hotel sector for the Rho Pero Exhibition Center, where he gained experience in integrated design.

A construction engineering graduate from Milan Polytechnic, from 2010 to 2017, Mirko Cinque was assistant Project Manager and head of procedure at Lombardy Motorway Concessions for works relating to the “Pedemontana Lombarda” motorway and the motorway link between Brescia, Bergamo and Milan (Brebemi).

From 2002 to 2010, he was Project Engineer – Assistant Technical Manager at Impregilo, working on the “High-Speed rail link between Turin and Milan” and subsequently on the “Construction of the new headquarters for the Lombardy Regional Authority”.

Nicolò Tarantino, CEO of Prelios Integra, says: «The appointment of Gianni enhances the skills and professional growth of internal resources at Prelios Integra and is strategic in terms of guaranteeing continuity in the development of the Company. The addition of Mirko continues the process of strengthening our technical-organizational structure. The professional capabilities of our team, now improved, are the principal asset of Prelios Integra».