Prelios Integra focuses on the lifelong learning

The training course organized by Prelios Integra continues, to divulge and promote technical skills together with value fundamentals, best practices and the company's genetic legacy.

The course, open to all company employees in Milan and Rome, consists of a series of sessions, at which Prelios Integra colleagues specialized in technical areas take on the role of trainers for a few hours to transfer specific and strategic knowhow. In addition to promoting a common culture, the initiative meets a specific training requirement of company employees registered with the Orders of Architects, Engineers and Industrial Experts, enabling them to obtain CFP professional training credits, which they need to achieve quality and competence certification in order to practice their professions.

Training is also at the heart of business strategy in Prelios Integra: "It is essential to ensure the company keeps up with the times, grows and exceeds client expectations. This is an important strategic lever to enable us to boost our competitiveness and market appeal, meeting current requirements and anticipating future needs” said Prelios Integra CEO Nicolò Tarantino

“The ability to learn and progress is the key driver of company success. In the past, people gained expertise to make a career, today careers are themselves a continuous learning process. Prelios’ decision to invest in a training model that enhances and capitalizes on the expertise of our employees, who for a few hours become teachers and imparters of knowledge, is part of an on-going training program, confirming the importance our resources and their personal growth have for our Group,” said Lara Carrese, Group Human Resources and Organization Director.