Prelios Integra: agreement completed with the Amissima Insurance Group for the management of real estate assets

Prelios Integra, a company of the Prelios Group and leader in the field of integrated real estate services, and the Amissima Insurance Group, which operates in the area of personal and property risks, have finalised an agreement for the property management of all of the current real estate assets of the insurance company in Italy, which includes 80 properties for both instrumental and non-instrumental use.

The Prelios Group will also guarantee the valuation activities of Amissima real estate assets through Prelios Valuations, one of the leading Italian real estate valuation companies.

Specifically, the agreement with Prelios Integra entailed the signing of three service contracts for Property Management, Building Management and Facility Management. Prelios Integra will also assist Amissima in technical activities for the sale of real estate assets through its own due diligence department.

"We are particularly proud of having finalised this agreement with Amissima Assicurazioni" - said Lorenzo Barbagli, Business Development of Prelios Integra. "We continue our growth in real estate asset management services alongside large financial groups that choose Prelios Integra as a qualified and specialised partner".