Prelios Group summer institutional adv campaign

Prelios summer institutional press campaign  was launched in August: by means of an innovative message and with a light and fresh tone, announcements remarked that Prelios is “present” also during summer holidays.  For the purposes of stating the personality and identity of the holding company and of the OpCos, six distinct announcements were created having all a common denominator that allows to recognise each single Company also as part of the Group, by using a clear and direct language.  Six icons representing the business and the characteristics of each Company were selected as visuals: from Prelios “Helm”, that identifies the route to follow for those necessitating real estate and financial services, to Prelios Integra “Windmill”, a metaphor of dynamic energy, active and effective management, to Prelios Valuations “Lighthouse”, representing valuation lead and accuracy, and Prelios SGR  “Argonaut”, as shell protecting investments and symbol of vitality, Prelios Credit Servicing “Water Mill”, making reference to the Company business, and, finally, Prelios Agency “Anchor”, a symbol of the player’s security, reliability and loyalty.