Prelios Group Market Research: Investment & Leasing Market, 1H 2018

Prelios Group Market Research has presented the figures for real estate investments in Italy in the first half of 2018.
Investments in the first six months of 2018 amounted to 3 billion Euro. The geographical breakdown shows that the North West was the macro-region with the largest volume of sales/purchase transactions, at 1.4 billion Euro, with the majority of investments in Lombardy. Central Italy recorded transactions for approximately 600 million Euro, while volumes in the North East and the South and Islands were practically identical, at approximately 285 million Euro in each of the two macro-regions.
The most frequently transacted assets were in the offices and retail sectors. Transactions in the retail sector amounted to 1.2 billion Euro, accounting for 42.3% of total investments. Investments in office properties amounted to 1 billion Euro, led by the cities of Milan and Rome. At the same time, the expansion of the hotel market continued, with sales/purchase transactions for 220 million Euro, mainly in the North West and Central Italy. Total investments in the logistics market amounted to 280 million Euro; the remaining property investments were on the social housing market and in other minor asset classes.