Prelios Group Market Research: Full Year 2017 Results

In 2017, the Italian investment market continued its positive trend and reached the level of €11 billion, recording a total growth of 32.1% compared to 2015, since the corporate market bounced back from the crisis. In the second semester, the total transacted amount was more than €5.7 billion, in line with the same period in 2016. Looking at the full year, the increase was significant up by 18.5% thanks to the important deals primarily signed by international sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds and insurance companies.

The most appealing markets for the institutional investors were the office and retail ones, which together grossed €6.5 billion, 59.9% of the total transacted value across the country.

Among the most important deals, is to be mentioned – as a significantly large asset – the acquisition of the building complex in viale Regina Margherita, Rome, by the Fedora Fund managed by Prelios SGR for 62.75 million euro.